Friday, September 21, 2007

Geometric White Lights

These light fixtures go beyond the norm with their abstract style and geometric forms. They are made with white opaque materials which give off a soft glow when lit.

1. With its straight lines and elegance this table lamp can look great in either a traditional or modern style interior. The Angkor table lamp has a base made of cased white glass and it is designed by Jiun Ho. It is available in the Kentfield collection for Boyd Lighting. Visit them at

2. You might say this pendant lamp is bizarre, but that is exactly what the designers at Fambuena were going for when they created this lamp comprised of geometric pieces of Policryl® shapes. The bizarre lamp creates a nice contrast of light and shadow while giving you a look that is out of the ordinary. You can find this at

3. I can see why the designers Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez call this lamp the Big Bang. The white metacrylate panels give the appearance of a chaotic explosion from a calm central core. You can see this one and more at

4. The Metropolis Lamp has white opaque cubes that seem to be taking on a look of global over-development. It is designed by Chris Jackson for Dark. Check out their fun and not so serious web site at

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